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Get Chatbot Marketing Results Fast

Get Chatbot Marketing Results Fast

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We've Built Chatbot Marketing Systems For Industry Leaders, Including:

Our Training and Consulting Is Trusted By Brands Like:

We've Built Chatbot Marketing Systems For Industry Leaders, Including:

And, Our Training and Consulting Is Trusted By Brands Like:

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The Instagram DM Automation Accelerator

"Fastest Path to Instagram DM Automation Success"

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Minimum Viable Bot

"Get a Quick Win With Your First or Next Chatbot Campaign"

Our Flagship Program:
The Chatbot Marketing Accelerator

"Fastest Path to Messenger Bot Success"

Supercharge Your Chatbots:
Dialogflow Basics

"For Chatbot Marketers 
Looking To Grow Their Results"

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Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us
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School of Bots is the leading training resource for creating successful chatbots. 

Since 2016, we've built and managed chatbot marketing systems for industry leaders including ClickFunnels, Mindvalley, Russell Brunson, Billy Gene Is Marketing, DigitalMarketer, Social Media Examiner, Matthew Hussey, and more. 

Along the way, we developed the most comprehensive training resources for creating revenue-generating chatbot campaigns and have trained over 10,000 marketers, agencies, and business teams. 

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of chatbot marketing and positive consumer behavior around the tech.

The leading chat platform ManyChat frequently hires us to consult, train their customers, and build chatbot campaigns. Facebook has also hired us to teach their highest spending partners how to create revenue-generating chatbots.

School of Bots Co-Founders
Kyle Willis and Natasha Takahashi

Our co-founders and husband-wife duo have shared chat marketing insights on over 100+ stages and podcasts across 7 countries, alongside influencers like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Randi Zuckerberg.

What Industry Leaders Say About School of Bots
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"School of Bots has the best insight in the world on chatbots."

Mike Stelzner

CEO & Founder of Social Media Examiner

We have served SME as a client, spoken at their industry-renowned event Social Media Marketing World, and presented for their membership program, The Social Media Marketing Society.

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"At DigitalMarketer, Natasha is our go-to expert when it comes to chatbots."

Marcus Murphy

Head of Partnerships at DigitalMarketer

We have served DigitalMarketer as a client, spoken at their industry-renowned event Traffic & Conversion Summit, spoken on all 3 of their podcasts (DigitalMarketer, Perpetual Traffic, and Business Lunch), and presented for their Elite Members at the DigitalMarketer HQ in Austin, Texas.

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When asked where marketers should get started and go to learn advanced chatbot marketing methods, Mike says "Go to School of Bots."

Mikael Yan

CEO & Co-Founder of ManyChat

ManyChat uses our training as internal education, and frequently hires our team for consulting, agency work, and to train their community.

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"School of Bots generated $400k in the first 12 months, and now manages over 40 webinar funnels for us."

Alessio Pieroni

Head of Marketing at Mindvalley

Our agency team built and currently manages Mindvalley's entire chatbot marketing system on Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp for their English, Spanish, and French brands. This includes 100+ webinar funnels, launch initiatives, testing, and more.

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"They are so good at what they do and so thorough - they understand bots. Two-thumbs up, totally recommend."

John Parkes

Chief Marketing Officer at ClickFunnels

Our agency team built and scaled Messenger bot systems for ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson for 7 months, before training their in-house team to manage the system. This includes virtual summits, high-ticket sales funnels, webinar funnels, and more.

What Can Chatbots Do?

You take pride in getting results for your customers and clients. 

You want to be their source for not just knowledge, but ROI. The kind of ROI they can take out of the bank in thick stacks while the teller nervously fingers the panic button.

If you’re committed to offering your current and future clients the absolute best service, then you already know the future of marketing is chatbots.

Chatbots are revenue-generating, customer-satisfying, problem-solving machines. Literally.

(Plus, they never slack off on the job.)
Natasha Takahashi and Kyle Willis
Generate Leads
Generate and qualify leads
hello, mythical “fountain of leads” you’ve been hearing so much about
Provide personalized product recommendations
helping customers convert at higher rates
Buy Products
Help people buy products
because chatbots never get tired of basic troubleshooting
​Gather useful feedback
so you can serve your client better, and they can serve their customers better
​Provide a memorable customer experience
in a good way
​​Nurture new customers
turning them into raving fans with literally no skin off your back
​Answer support questions
saving customer service staff time (and let’s be honest, headaches)
Level Up
Help you take advantage of untapped channels such as Messenger, Instagram DM, SMS, and more
taking them from something customers *have* to use to experiences they actually enjoy!
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