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Helping You Build, Sell, and Monetize Chatbots
The Chatbot Agency Accelerator
Learn how to build a 6-figure chatbot agency and get clients on autopilot.


... 150+ Lessons of Chatbot Building and Sales Training

... 24+ Hours of Bot Influencer Interviews, Bot Break-Downs, Mastermind Calls, and More

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Chatbot Sales for Entrepreneurs and Agencies
Learn to sell chatbots like a pro, with our best practices, templates, scripts, and more.


... 18+ Chatbot Sales and Marketing Templates (Including Brochure, Proposal, NDA, Statement of Work/Contract, Case Study, Cold Email, and so much more)

... Step-By-Step Guides on Getting Amazing Agency Partners, Prospecting Successfully at Conferences, and 8 Other Prospecting Methods

... Our Best Practices for Building and Managing Your Agency and Clients

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How to Build Your First Bot
New to Messenger bots? Learn the best strategies from us to build high-converting chatbots from the start.


... 12-Part Video Training on How to Build Your First Chatbot

... Step-By-Step Guides on Mapping Out Your Bot, Message Formatting, and More

... Our BEST Strategies (RIGHT NOW) for Building Effective and Profitable Chatbots From the Get-Go

... And so much more. Explore all of the details by clicking below.
School of Bots is your one-stop shop for everything bot building, marketing, and sales. 

We teach entrepreneurs how to build, sell, and monetize chatbots; host the "There's a Bot For That" Showrelease chatbot templates every week, give away free resources in our public Facebook community, and more.

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© 2018 School of Bots. All Rights Reserved.