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Turn Yourself into a Chatbot Marketing Expert

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Turn Yourself into a Chatbot Marketing Expert

Secretly hoping clients don’t ask you for chatbot help?
It’s time to uncross your fingers, unclench your buttcheeks, & become the chatbot genius they need
Social Media Launcher
Michael Stelzner
CEO & Founder
"School of Bots has the best insight in the world on chatbots."
Digital Marketer
Marcus Murphy
Head of Partnerships
"At DigitalMarketer, Natasha is our go-to expert when it comes to chatbots."
Many Chat
Mike Yan
CEO & Co-Founder
When asked where marketers should get started and go to learn advanced chatbot marketing methods, Mike said "Go to School of Bots."
Alessio Pieroni
Head of Marketing
"School of Bots helped us implement chatbots into 40 webinar funnels, and generated over $400,000."
John Parkes
Chief Marketing Officer
"They are so good at what they do and so thorough - they understand bots. Two-thumbs up, totally recommend."

Struggling to provide the high-ticket chatbot marketing services that clients are demanding?

These days, consumers need immediate connection and response more than ever. They’re craving personal attention like the family middle child — and they expect you to give it to them.

That means businesses need to be reachable and personable on-demand. From yesterday through forever. All day. Every day.

But without the resources to hire, train, and deploy legions of 24/7 sales and customer support staff…

What's a savvy brand to do?
Enter: chatbots.
If you’re not offering chatbot marketing services to your current or new clients, you’re missing an opportunity to help businesses all over the world grow, thrive, and succeed. (And… not to rub it in, but that also means you’re leaving perfectly good Internet money on the digital table.)

Turns out, you’re in the enviable position of being able to fill a gap in the market, AND grow your average invoice size.

All that’s left is to become a chatbot wizard — and the Chatbot Marketing Accelerator can help.

The Chatbot Marketing Accelerator gives you the on-demand chatbot marketing education you need to confidently create, deploy, and manage chatbots across channels.

Not only do we give you the foundation, documentation, and processes you need...

  • We teach you foolproof chatbot marketing and psychology frameworks. And we give you easy strategies that garner results faster than you can say, “Wow, it’s kind of scary that bots can do that.”
  • Knowing how to produce extraordinary results inside a chatbot is the skill that pays the bills but what about selling this new service to your clients?
  • Whether you're on a solo mission or you have a sales team, we give you everything you need to prospect Perfect Chatbot Clients, close them, and manage the relationship month after month.
Emil Scripts
No, we’re not talking cold email scripts or telling you to send 600 LinkedIn messages everyday 
(one of our members came in doing that, then switched to utilizing our ‘CVV Method’ and has since grown from $15k to $70k in monthly recurring revenue!)
Chatbot Value
We’re talking industry-specific examples of our Chatbot Value Video (CVV) you can model and get prospects on a call fast; agreements drafted by our lawyers; and everything you need to know for chatbot sales, hiring, and client delivery.
Chatbot Education
You also get access to support from our chatbot marketing expert team on live calls, an invite to our Discord community, on-demand trainings, an agency partner certification program, and more from the leading chatbot education brand.
Easy payment plans are available...
 So go out and make that money!

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School of Bots has been featured in...

Stop turning away clients because you’re not
confident in your chatbot chops

“I want to be average!”
- No marketer ever
Just in case you think there’s nothing worse than losing out on income because you’re unfamiliar or not up-to-date with the world of chatbot marketing…
- Would you like the upcoming sucker punch with or without a side of humble pie? -
Natasha Takahashi
There is actually something worse than saying “Sorry, I can’t do it”.

It’s having to say, “I did it. And it sucked.”

Providing services that don’t get results isn’t good for your reputation, and it’s definitely not good for business.

If you’ve tried your hand at chatbot marketing in the past and have little more to show for it than a paltry paycheck and unimpressed clients, you’re overdue to join us in the Accelerator.
Kyle Willis

Right now, providing excellent,

one-of-a-kind customer experiences is every business owner’s direct path to growth.
Chatbots dramatically improve the customer experience by responding to people instantly.
Consumers are already using messaging apps to buy, ask questions, and communicate with businesses. Why? Because it’s SO FREAKIN’ EASY.
People want convenience. They want instant answers. Chatbots give them what they want! And YOU can give your clients chatbots.
Natasha Takahashi - School of Bots
Pffft, Why Should I Enroll in the Chatbot Marketing Accelerator?
I Know How to Google Stuff!
Sure, you might be able to teach yourself some chatbot marketing basics.

But chatbot tech & best practices change all the time —
and keeping up can feel like taking a jog with Usain Bolt 🥵

That’s why we teach what’s working now.

We show you how to implement chatbots on the latest available platforms, including Facebook Messenger and SMS (WhatsApp, Instagram, and more coming soon - they're currently in beta.)

So… What can chatbots really do?

You take pride in getting results for your customers and clients. You want to be their source for not just knowledge, but ROI. The kind of ROI they can take out of the bank in thick stacks while the teller nervously fingers the panic button.

If you’re committed to offering your current and future clients the absolute best service, then you already know the future of marketing is chatbots.

Chatbots are revenue-generating, customer-satisfying, problem-solving machines. Literally.

(Plus, they never slack off on the job.)
Natasha Takahashi and Kyle Willis

Chatbots can do some really impressive stuff.

In case you think the only thing chatbots do is pop up and bother people, you should know that chatbots can also:
Generate Leads
Generate and qualify leads
hello, mythical “fountain of leads” you’ve been hearing so much about
Provide personalized product recommendations
helping customers convert at higher rates
Buy Products
Help people buy products
because chatbots never get tired of basic troubleshooting
​Gather useful feedback
so you can serve your client better, and they can serve their customers better
​Provide a memorable customer experience
in a good way
​​Nurture new customers
turning them into raving fans with literally no skin off your back
​Answer support questions
saving customer service staff time (and let’s be honest, headaches)
Level Up
Help you take advantage of untapped channels such as Facebook Messenger, text messaging, email, and mobile wallet passes
taking them from something customers *have* to use to experiences they actually enjoy!
Give your clients the ability to drastically improve customer experience by responding to people instantly and scale like never before.

Give them your chatbot mastery!

Meet Experts

Meet the School of Bots experts
leading the Chatbot Marketing Accelerator!

Head Chatbot Wranglers

Natasha Takahashi and Kyle Willis are the co-founders of School of Bots. They have helped thousands of marketers and businesses get predictable, repeatable results with chatbots.

Their expertise comes from generating millions of dollars with chatbots for 130+ clients including:
They have taught chatbot strategy on more than 70 stages and podcasts including Ad World, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Perpetual Traffic, and Social Media Marketing World.
And take your services from Chat-Not to Chat-Hot!
Sorry, that was cheesy.

Agencies and solopreneurs love us

Virtual Meeting
  • Went from sending 600 LinkedIn messages to using The Chatbot Value Video method... and took their MRR from $15k to $70k within 4 months.
  • Decreased a sales cycle from 7 days to 5 hours with a chatbot funnel, increasing ROI by 5.5x.
- Vince B.
Virtual Meeting
  • Closed a $12,000 deal a few days into the program after repositioning their chatbot services.
  • Helped a client decrease lead cost from $50 to $0.50 (100x decrease!) with their first chatbot campaign.
- Forrest P.

The future of chatbots is here,
and it waits for no one

The Chatbot Marketing Accelerator is specifically designed for:
Marketing agencies
with a full-time team that get impressive results for their clients with other digital marketing services… but the chatbot struggle is real.
who have served clients with chatbots or other digital marketing services… but you’re struggling with growth and pricing, and low-paying clients.
Business Teams
who see chatbots as an opportunity to monetize channels like Facebook Messenger... but have little chatbot marketing knowledge.
Get ahead of the game. Offering chatbot marketing services for your clients is the Yellow Brick Road to successfully navigating growth for your business and theirs. (Hello, Win? Win speaking.)

Whether you’re familiar with chatbots and are ready to level up your game, or you’re still at the chatbot starting line waiting for the gun to go off, the Chatbot Marketing Accelerator is your quickest path to success.

What makes us different from other course providers?

Here's the best way to think about this: 

You can't give that which you don't possess.

In other words, the biggest difference between our trainings and competitors on the market is what we've accomplished and therefore the methods we can give you that are backed by the data that can only come from sending 20 million+ messages.

Our team has generated over $30M in revenue for our clients, including industry leaders you're likely familiar with and saw on this page.

In our program, we have thousands of people that are 1) getting paid to work with clients for at least $5,000 per month, 2) generating incredible results like $1M in sales within 4
months of working with their first client, or boosting sales dramatically with a chatbot (by 16x for one of our recent members).

Long story short, it's up to you to put in the work and determine what your goals are with bots (whether you're doing this as an agency or for your own business / company you work for).

But, if you're looking for the best training on the market, ours is designed to get you results the fastest.
PLUS: School of Bots co-founders, Natasha and Kyle, and the expert School of Bots team dedicate daily attention during the program to supporting members inside our private Discord Community. They also host monthly live calls!

That means not only will you learn, you’ll be able to ask questions, get support, and won’t be alone as you adventure deeper into the Chatbot Kingdom.

All the Chatbot Marketing
Accelerator details
fit to print

Snag the Gold Level Package for ultimate chatbot marketing domination

We use these same trainings to educate our internal team. That means if something changes in the chatbot world, you get those updates just as fast as we do!

Our Chatbot Marketing Accelerator Gold Level Package includes:

  • ALL video trainings, detailed processes, templates, scripts, documents, and more that you need to get predictable, repeatable results with chatbots.
  • Private and Active Discord Community during the duration of the program for support and guidance.
  • ​The opportunity to apply to our Certified Agency Partner Network, where we send you qualified chatbot project leads. Our partners' average deal size is $5,000/month for the leads we send.
  • Monthly live calls with the School of Bots expert team of chatbot marketers. These are a combination of chatbot campaign reviews and Q&As.
  • Live Chatbot Campaign Reviews and Past Recordings: Get your campaigns reviewed on a monthly live call with School of Bots co-founder Natasha Takahashi or a member of our team.
  • Access to BotWork, our internal hiring platform, where you can hire certified chatbot marketers or get hired yourself.
Click into each section below to learn more about what's covered.

Module I: Bot Frameworks and Processes
(170+ lessons)

 Part I: Introduction to Chatbot Marketing

- You'll learn the foundation for getting the most out of your chatbot marketing efforts. We'll introduce you to The School of Bots™ 5-Pillar Training System, share our MSO framework and other necessary definitions you'll use to build on the knowledge in this first section, and lay the groundwork for generating repeatable, predictable ROI from chatbot marketing.

To do this, you'll need to learn how to build an ongoing system - not just one-off campaigns. You'll leave this section with a high level view of where chatbot marketing fits into a digital marketing ecosystem, an understanding of how we use bot building platforms like ManyChat and optimize client Facebook pages for Messenger, and a demo bot you'll use to build upon in the following lessons.  

 Part II: Chatbot List Growth, Privacy Policies, and Integrations

Here, you'll learn best practices for growing your chat channel lists and turning conversations into conversions. You'll begin to understand how to leverage Facebook ads to amplify your chatbot marketing results, gain conversational copywriting skills, and start working integration platforms like Zapier and Integromat into your system to build more powerful marketing, sales, and operations integrations for your business or your clients.

Most importantly, you'll come away with strategies to navigate the fast-changing privacy policies on social media and mobile devices, and you'll have the tools to track and prove ROI so you can start charging what you're worth based on the value you provide.

 Part III: Map Out and Plan Your Chatbot Campaigns and Funnels

- You'll learn best practices for launches and evergreen campaigns, including how to transition between them, optimize them, and report for each.

You'll get our School of Bots™ Blueprints: use-case specific templates for campaigns like lead magnet, lead qualification, webinars, and more.

Finally, you'll learn the tools for creating high-converting bot experiences, including best practices for creating chat channel audio and visual assets.

Module II: Sales, Hiring, and Client Delivery
(50+ Lessons)

 Part I: Chatbot Sales

- Now that you have the chatbot marketing skills to produce results for your clients, it's time to learn how to consistently bring in new clients willing to pay you for this value.

You'll learn how the chatbot sales cycle works and how it differs from selling other services, including how to price your chatbot services. You or your sales team can use our unique prospecting method, plus the secret strategy that kept new projects coming in like clockwork that helped us scale our business quickly early on.

You'll be able to instantly download our sales scripts to close clients and the documents to simplify the closing process.

 Part II: Chatbot Agency Hiring

- You'll get a look at our current org chart for our chatbot agency structure. After these lessons, you'll understand why growing your chatbot team can be one of the biggest challenges to your agency growth and where to go to find, vet, and hire certified chatbot builders to overcome this challenge (we've got you covered).

You'll get a walkthrough of how we onboard new team members and have instance access to all of our forms and agreements to simplify the onboarding process.

 Part III: Client Delivery

- Get an inside look at the systems that run our operations, including client onboarding and client management. We'll share our onboarding checklist plus teach you how you can leverage existing clients for additional business at the right time.

Join CMA at the Gold Level

Oh, did you want insane value? Here you go:
1 Payment of $1,200

Now, for the skeptics...
the Silver Package

Device Mockup

What’s included in the Chatbot Marketing Accelerator Silver Package?

You get everything from our Gold Level Package, including access to our Certified Agency Partner Network, where you’ll be the proud recipient of qualified chatbot project leads.

We get it. Times can be tough. (Also, budgets are a thing.)

That’s why we’re offering a payment plan. You can become the next great chatbot marketing expert, provide high-ticket, high-value chatbot services, and make more money with easy monthly payments.
  • That’s all the videos, trainings, templates, and scripts you need to get rinse and repeat on-point results with chatbots.
  • You still get access to the Private and Active Discord Community and the Monthly Live Calls with the School of Bots expert team of chatbot marketers.
  • ​The Silver Package still gives you Chatbot Campaign Reviews AND access to BotWork, our internal Hiring Platform.
Ready to become the expert chatbot marketer you always knew you were inside?

Join our community of expert chatbot strategists to get the ongoing education, hands-on support, and opportunities you need to help your clients succeed and scale

1 Easy Payment of $1,200
3 Monthly Payments of $499

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