Turn “Likes” Into Leads And “Followers” Into Buyers With The Chat Funnel Fast Track System 

A done-with-you training program & coaching community to help you launch your first revenue-generating Chat Funnel in 4 weeks or less.
On average, our Chat Funnel Fast Track clients 3x their sales from Instagram and automate 95% of their DMs within 2-4 weeks of working with us.

Turn “Likes” Into Leads And “Followers” Into Buyers With The Chat Funnel Fast Track System 

A done-with-you training program & coaching community to help you launch your first revenue-generating Chat Funnel within 3 weeks.
“Our Chat Funnels brought in $150,000 in the first 2 months. It was the most effortless launch, and we closed a week earlier than planned. None of it would be possible without you, your team, and the systems you’ve helped us set up. So grateful!"

Brigid Titgemeier

Founder of Being Functional Nutrition
"My Chat Funnel is live! Within 24 hours, I made $4,491 in sales...  I've now made $15,025+ sales. I absolutely couldn't and wouldn't have done it without Natasha and her incredible team."

Elizabeth Benton

Author and Podcaster

We've Proudly Served 2,000+ Clients, including...

We've Proudly Served 2,000+ Clients, including...

Tell Us If This Sounds Like You…

You have a proven product, service or scalable offer that is already generating consistent revenue for your business…

You’ve built an engaged and loyal following on Instagram of at least 10,000 followers…

You’re consistent with your posting schedule and are pouring your heart and soul into your content on a regular basis, connecting with your audience and providing real value…

You’re likely seeing good conversions in other areas of your funnel such as your webinars and emails…

But when it comes to your Instagram…?

You’re barely seeing any new leads – and even fewer sales – for all your efforts…

If that’s you, it’s time to breathe new life into your strategy and harness the power of the #1 revenue-generating tool available to you on Instagram:
Chat Funnel Marketing.

Maybe you’re new to chat marketing, or maybe you’ve already seen some of our high-performing funnels in action on the accounts of the industry leaders we serve… but one thing’s for sure:

You want to get a high-converting Chat Funnel up and running for your business FAST – without hiring a bunch of new team members, endless tech headaches, or spending months figuring it all out on your own…

Well, we hear you and we’re here to help!

We’re pulling back the curtain and sharing every single resource, tool, template and framework you need to start generating leads and sales from every post on Instagram (backed by $50+ million in revenue generated for our clients since 2017).

Discover The Chat
Funnel Fast Track System

A done-with-you training program & coaching community to help you launch your first revenue-generating Chat Funnel in 3 weeks or less.

Chat Funnel Fast Track is the ONLY place to get access to our proprietary frameworks, strategies and playbooks responsible for over $50 million in revenue for our clients – and to get personalized coaching and feedback from our team.

And before you ask, no – you don’t have to be a tech whizz to implement this for your business (far from it!).

This program is 100% beginner-friendly.

We’ll guide you step-by-step through everything you need to launch your Instagram chat funnel from scratch – from the strategy, to the copy, to launching, tech integrations, troubleshooting, analysis and optimization.

Just follow our proven roadmap and start seeing leads + sales pouring in as soon as Week 3 of the program (when your first chat funnel goes live!)
"I can't say enough about how EASY it is to follow the instructions in the training materials, it's so bite-sized and actionable that even without any background in tech, I feel like a tech genius so thank you again!”

Jenifer Weber

Head of Marketing at The Product Boss

Enrolling For January 2024

Dates of Program: January 1 - 26

It only takes 30 seconds to submit your application and receive next steps!

Imagine How Good It Would Feel To…

  • Collect hundreds or thousands of leads and sales within a matter of hours from ONE piece of content on Instagram
We made $5,319 in revenue and collected 501 emails in the first few days. Our posts and stories are cranking! I'm pretty excited.

Neil Villadolid

Marketing Coordinator, Nomad
“In the first 24 hours, my Chat Funnel brought in $2,156 in sales and collected 292 emails! Very happy with how it’s performing!”

April Butler

Founder of Winnie the Cattle Dog
"In the first 24 hours of launching, we collected 373 emails at a 91.4% conversion rate and $900 in sales from one Reel! That's just crazy!”

Mariska Benders

Fitness and Health Influencer
"In the first 24 hours, we collected 3,657 emails and 1,498 DM List subscribers! So far, we are VERY pleased with the results and impressed with the level of support that has been given to us. Even as a veteran ManyChat user, I have learned SO much. Thank you for everything you've put into this program!"

Tiffany Tippin

COO at Mommy Labor Nurse
"This has been the most incredible program. I've collected 5,744 emails in 8 weeks! If you're not using Chat Funnels in your business, you're missing out on FREE business! My mind has been blown in this process. I can't recommend it enough."

Erika Auckland Sheffer

Business Coach
  • Get your first Chat Funnel up and running with ease… WITHOUT overwhelm, tech headaches, or second guessing what process/strategy you should follow
“This is hands down the best organized and most detailed program I’ve ever taken. The personal touch is unparalleled!”

Victoria Winter

CEO of Amor (E-Commerce Clothing Brand)
  • Feel fully supported as you explore this new medium with industry veterans who can answer your every question and give you personalized support along the way
“I know everyone keeps saying this on the calls and elsewhere, but I have truly NEVER seen something SO organized, so well thought through, and with this kind of support. It's truly unbelievable.”

Amy Porter

Marketing Strategist
  • Finally be able to draw a direct line between your efforts on social media and your revenue, safe in the knowledge that your content is working as hard as possible for you and your business
“Chat Funnels have completely changed the way I look at business and marketing. They’ve given meaning to everything I do on social media.”

Mel Abraham

Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author and Financial Expert

By The End Of This Program,
You’ll Have…

  • Your first Chat Funnel up and running for your business, collecting leads from every piece of content you post on Instagram and consistent sales from your promotional content
  • On average, our clients collect 50-300 emails per Instagram post if they’re between 50k - 100k followers, and 300-10k emails per Instagram post if they’re over 100k followers.
  • Peace of mind that your funnel has been quality assured, reviewed and optimized by our in-house strategy, copy, and tech experts (to ensure you’re hitting minimum KPIs)
  • Proprietary templates, frameworks, and strategies backed by our over 60M+ messages of data to support you as you implement, not publicly available anywhere else (plus forever access to all program materials and future updates)
  • A battle-tested, step-by-step system and roadmap you can rinse-and-repeat for every Chat Funnel you implement going forward (honed over our 7 years in business and after generating over $50 million in revenue for our clients)
  • Access to a community of driven entrepreneurs at a similar level of business to you for continued connection and support

Enrolling For January 2024

Dates of Program: January 1 - 26

It only takes 30 seconds to submit your application and receive next steps!

This Program Is For You If…

  • You’re an online course creator, coach, content creator, or e-commerce store with products and services you want to monetize on Instagram (or affiliate offers/sponsorships you want to promote)
  • You’re posting at least 4x a week on Instagram, or have the ability to start doing so ASAP
  • You have at least 10,000 followers (this is to ensure you have enough volume to go through your chat funnels – currently our members tend to range from around 20K - 3 million followers)
  • You have a tech-savvy team member that has 5 hours per week to work on the program and to make the most of the live coaching and support available to you throughout the 4 weeks

    A snapshot of our current client makeup:
  • Followers: 20k to 3M+
  • Revenue: $100,000/year to $10M+/year
  • Email List Size: 10,000 to 2M+
  • Previous DM Automation Experience: 30% had previously tested simple DM automations. 70% were brand new, and had never touched DM automation.
On average, our Chat Funnel Fast Track Clients 
3x their sales from Instagram after working with us.

Your Chat Funnel Fast Track Roadmap:

Enrolling For January 2024

Dates of Program: January 1 - 26

It only takes 30 seconds to submit your application and receive next steps!
"This has been so great and so much info! It has EXCEEDED everything I could have even imagined! Appreciate you and your team!”

Dr. Lindsey S.

Gut Health and Hormone Expert

Plus 11 Powerful Bonuses To Accelerate Your Success

  • 8 Live Calls with Natasha ($10,000 value)
You’ll get two 60-minute calls each week of the 4-week program.

These will be held on Tuesdays at 2 pm ET and Thursday’s at 10 am ET, led by Natasha Willis.

We’ve found it’s most beneficial to all call attendees for us to dedicate the first half of calls to strategy questions, and the second half of calls to tech support.

Natasha doesn’t offer private consulting calls at this time, and when she did, they were $3,000 per hour. These calls are the only place to get access to her expertise on a live call at this time.

All recordings included.
“I've done many different courses/coaching programs over the years, and this one has BY FAR been the most well-organized and communicative program I've EVER participated in. Very worth the investment!”

Jill Winger

Founder & CEO of The Prairie Homestead
  • 1-on-1 ✨ VIP ✨ Support and Proactive Recommendations From Your Dedicated Client Success Manager, Housed In A Private Chat ($3,000 value)
You’ll have access to your dedicated Client Success Manager Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm ET.

They'll be your primary point of contact, and support with strategy and copy feedback and optimization.
“This level of support is few and far between! Thank you all for being so present. Your patience and the way you all show up for your clients helps me show up and go hard!”

Jourdan Guyton

Founder & CEO of Vera Jean Media
  • 24-7 Monday-Friday Tech Support from School of Bots Coaches ($2,000 value)
Our team of Chat Marketing Experts that manages accounts like Amy Porterfield,  Russell Brunson,  Jenna Kutcher,  and many other leading digital product and e-commerce businesses will be available to jump into your tech accounts and/or guide you through any tech set-ups and troubleshooting.
“Holy sh*tballs, our Chat Funnel is converting at 6.5% with brand new leads on a $497 product! Our ads convert at 3%. Also, our social team no longer has to monitor DMs on the weekend as a result. This has been amazing!”

Meg Sumrell

Time Management and Productivity Expert For Women
  • The Conversational Copywriting Bible
    ($1,997 value)
Never question what to write in your chat funnels again.

You’ll get our never-before-shared, internal Conversational Copywriting Bible that our Chief Copy Officer, Mel and Natasha have poured hundreds of hours into creating and testing.

This includes our Conversational Copy Guide process, our top-performing message formats, exact scripts and placements for audio/video/GIFs for 2x higher conversions, and more…

All responsible for generating over $50M in revenue for our clients.
*Gets updated every week.
“Kudos to Natasha and the SOB team for this amazing resource! It’s PURE fire. If you take the time to really implement this, you’ll be so much farther ahead than your competitors who are implementing bots with no thought or strategy behind them.”

Craig Cameron

Marketing Strategist
“This was one of the deciding factors for me when we were deciding if we would do your program, it's not disappointing!!”

Natasha Clawson

Marketing, Iron Orchid Designs
Video: How We Support With Copywriting and Media Assets
(GIFs, Images, Videos, Voice Notes)
  • The Ultimate Guide To Creating Content That Gets Leads On Instagram ($997 value)
Likes, views, and shares on your posts are great — but they don’t directly drive leads and sales.

Meet your step-by-step guide, full of our best-performing swipe copy, post formats, and case studies of the types of posts that drive the most conversations, leads, and sales for our clients today.
*Gets updated every week.
"We just collected 934 emails and 362 webinar sign-ups in our first 24 hours of going live with our Chat Funnel!"

Britt Seva

CEO & Founder of Thrivers Society
“Our Story Views have gone up by 6x and we have a 23% immediate purchase rate. Our customers are saying that it was a fun experience — and the results have been so quick and impactful. Thank you team for all of your accountability check-ins and support!”

YuhYing Tay

Founder of EyeMuse
  • ManyChat Crash Course ($297 value)
ManyChat is the platform we’ve used for over 7 years and highly recommend for building your chat funnels and hosting your list.

Natasha is the face of ManyChat’s Introduction Course, however, we had to cut out a ton of valuable best practices from that course per ManyChat’s request, so this is the full version, freshly re-recorded for you.

You’ll get our checklists, video tutorials, and 30 days free of the platform’s “Pro” subscription.
  • The 20-Minute Reporting Cheat Sheet ($297 value)
How do you track performance?

How do you see how many new emails and sales this has actually made your business?

This cheat sheet will make it easy for you to decide on the metrics most important to your business, and track and display them correctly within 20 minutes.
  • The Ultimate Library of Quick Fix Guides
    ($197 value)
In creating chat funnels for over 2,000 companies with many different tech stacks, we've built SOPs that'll help you avoid tech headaches and resolve the ones you might encounter at lightning speed.

If you need additional help, our Chat Marketing Coaches and your dedicated Client Success Manager are just a message away.
  • The Organic Traffic KPIs Cheat Sheet
    ($197 value)
This never-before-shared, internal cheat sheet of ours gets updated every week with our latest chat funnel performance stats.

You’ll be able to see exactly how your chat funnels are performing compared to our best and average numbers for all types of chat funnels, including free lead magnets, free webinars, paid online events, paid in person events, video sales letters, applications, appointment booking, affiliate offers, and direct purchases.

You won’t ever have to blindly make changes to your chat funnel, because with this, you'll know exactly what numbers to aim for and how to optimize your chat funnel.
*Gets updated every week.
  • Natasha’s Personal Swipe File of 30 Proven “Call-to-Action Words” For An Endless Flow of Leads ($97 value)
How do you choose what words to use in your post captions to get people to comment and enter your chat funnels?

Choose from our swipe file of 30 proven words that are backed by our S.W.E.E.T. framework. These’ll save you from tech issues while preventing user error.

Never again worry whether you’re choosing the right call-to-action words.

Enrolling For January 2024

Dates of Program: January 1 - 26

It only takes 30 seconds to submit your application and receive next steps!

Meet Your Trainer

Natasha Willis

School of Bots is the leading Chat Funnel education & training platform and the number #1 authority for acquiring leads and sales inside Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger.

We exist to help online businesses scale to their full potential using Chat Funnels and to provide chat users with valuable, automated experiences they enjoy.

Since 2016, we've built and managed chatbot marketing systems for industry leaders such as [feel free to update names if you see fit].

Along the way, we've developed the most comprehensive Chat Funnel Marketing training programs & resources available to marketers, agencies and businesses worldwide -- and have trained over 14,000 people in 30 countries.

The leading chat platform, ManyChat, frequently hires us to consult, train their customers and build chatbot campaigns. Meta regularly calls on us to consult their highest spending partners like Under Armour and Nike.

Now, it's our mission to accelerate the growth of chat marketing world-wide and to make effective automation strategies accessible for business everywhere.

What Business Leaders Say About Working With Us

“Hiring Natasha and her team changed not just my business — but my LIFE. Natasha is one of the smartest people I know. Her strategies have helped exponentially grow my email list and my revenue. To say she shifted my business and the way we launch, market, and connect with our audience would be the understatement of the decade. I can’t keep something this good a secret!”

Jenna Kutcher

Bestselling Author and Host of the Top-Rated Goal Digger Podcast
“In our first two months working together, we’ve brought in over $144,000 in revenue and 5,000 leads. I highly, highly recommend School of Bots. I’m sending my friends! Thank you so much Natasha and School of Bots!”

Kate Northrup

Best-Selling Author and 7-Figure Business Owner
“They are so good at what they do and so thorough. Totally recommend.”

John Parkes

CMO of ClickFunnels
“School of Bots has the best insight in the world on chatbots.”

Mike Stelzner

CEO of Social Media Examiner

Let’s Recap:

Join Chat Funnel Fast Track And Receive…

  • The Chat Funnel Fast Track Curriculum ($5000 value)
  • BONUS: 8x Live Calls With Natasha And The School of Bots Coaches ($10,000 value)
  • BONUS: Private Chat With Dedicated Client Success Manager ($3,000 value)
  • BONUS:24/7 Monday-Friday Community Support From The School of Bots Chat Marketing Experts ($2,000 value)
  • ​BONUS: The Conversational Copywriting Bible ($1,997 value)
  • BONUS:The Ultimate Guide To Creating Content That Gets Leads On Instagram ($997 value)
  • BONUS:ManyChat Crash Course ($297 value)
  • BONUS: The 20-Minute Reporting Sheet ($297 value)
  • ​BONUS: The Organic Traffic KPIs Cheat Sheet ($197 value)
  • BONUS:The Ultimate Library of Quick Fix Guides ($197 value)
  • ​BONUS: Natasha’s Personal Swipe File of 30 Proven “Call-to-Action Words” For An Endless Flow of Leads
    ($97 value)

Total Value: $24,079
Your Investment:
It only takes 30 seconds to submit your application and receive next steps!

Enrolling For January 2024

Dates of Program: January 1 - 26

“I’ve paid way more for other group programs and nothing has ever been this organized, efficient and helpful! So excited to double my monthly sales!”

Abigail Peugh

Digital Product Expert
“This is the BEST investment I’ve ever made in my business! It has added an entirely NEW stream of revenue.  This program should be 3x what you’re charging… and worth EVERY PENNY at that!"

Susie Saltzman

Founder of Susie Saltzman Fine Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple team members. Can we all go through the program together? Is it a separate program fee for each of us?

The Chat Funnel Fast Track fee is per business, not per person. So, you’re welcome to have several team members participate.

We find it’s best to involve the person who writes copy in your brand voice (could be someone who’s writing social post captions for example) and/or the person who sends out emails in your email marketing platform.

All of you will have access to the same private chat with your dedicated Client Success Manager, training materials, live calls, community, and any other parts of the program.

Do I need a copywriter?

You don’t need to have a copywriter in-house or contracted in order to get results with our process! Our Chat Marketing Coaches will recommend copy edits, tests, and optimizations for your Chat Funnel based on our 60+ million messages of data and copy frameworks we’ve tested.

We've seen all of the business owners and teams who go through our program be very successful with the combination of their previous experience writing other types of copy on Instagram and our assets.

One of the most valuable assets you'll get is our Conversational Copywriting Bible, which contains tenets, checklists, frameworks, swipe copy, and templates we’ve developed and update every week.

I’m not launching any new products right now. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! Your Chat Funnel will bring in sales and leads every day, even if you're not in a launch or promotional period.

In fact, what we find to work best for most businesses is setting up an evergreen lead magnet funnel as their first chat funnel.

You’re going to capture the most leads with this type of funnel, so it has the highest likelihood of success right out of the gate.

The fun part about this is that you can introduce people to other free offers (like a webinar or a discount code), or paid offers (of any price point) in the same conversation. We'll help you do that if you choose to go that route.

From there, you can use the Chat Funnel frameworks and skillsets you learn in the program to build more evergreen or launch-related chat funnels in the future.

I have multiple Instagram accounts. What should I do?

We highly recommend building for the one with the largest following. Bonus points if it’s associated with a personal brand.

Do I have to complete everything in 4 weeks?

While we encourage you to follow the program in real time so you can make the most of the support and mentorship available to you, you’ll have forever access to all the program materials and any updates. 

When you get introduced to your dedicated Client Success Manager on day 1 of the program, please let them know that you want to go at a slower pace, and they'll recommend a personalized roadmap for you.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

Not at all! We’ve designed the program to break everything down into small, easy-to-understand steps that anyone can implement. 

Plus, if you get stuck – we have quick-fix guides, troubleshooting information and our team of coaches to film custom videos for you or jump into your tech to resolve any issues.

Here's what our client Kelly Sturm had to say about working through the program:

“This has been a lot of tech I'm not used to, but I just tested my Chat Funnel... and it worked! I haven't even launched this yet and already feel rewarded, ha! Your level of detail, organization, and hands-on support has been INCREDIBLE! THANK YOU!”

And one more while we're at it, from our client Elizabeth Benton:

“I’ve told myself that I can’t do things like this (automation, any new tech) because I “don’t have a team” and “I’m not a tech person”. But, with all the incredible steps and tutorials you have, it’s easy… You’ve made it so incredibly doable.”

Will I really be able to get my chat funnel up and running in 4 weeks?

Yes! If you have 5 hours a week for 2 weeks to dedicate to the program and if you follow the steps, you will have your first funnel up and running by the start of Week 3, and optimized by the end of Week 4!

You can then rinse and repeat the process for every offer and campaign you have going forward.

What happens after I enroll?

As soon as you join through our secure order form, you’ll receive an email with your onboarding form link, program agreement, and a few other helpful + important items!

On Day 1 of the program, you'll receive an invitation email to Circle, where all of your program materials, announcements, private chat with your Client Success Manager, and community discussions will be hosted.

Want To Talk With Us 1-1?

If you still have questions or you’d like to talk through your specific situation with a member of our team, just click the button below to book a free, no obligation call with us and we’ll let you know if the Chat Funnel Fast Track is right for you!

Enrollment Closes October 25 at 7 pm ET

Only 50 spots available, doors close ____
It only takes 30 seconds to submit your application!

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Now it’s YOUR turn! We look forward to helping you leverage this powerful medium in your business.

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