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Join our community of expert chatbot strategists, and get the ongoing education, hands-on support, and hiring hub you need to succeed and scale.

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Meet the e-HUB
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For the last 4 years at School of Bots, we have run one of the highest performing chatbot agencies in the world and we've worked closely with:
  • Industry-leading brands in the marketing world, wanting to train their teams
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  • Agency owners, wanting to train their teams and offer chatbot services to clients
  • ​Agencies running 1 man/woman shows, wanting to scale
  • ​Individuals starting a chatbot agency, and making a full-time income
Through our hands-on work with these teams and individuals, we've realized what each one needs to create predictable, repeatable results with chatbot marketing.

That's why we've created the e-HUB program.

This isn't just an online program; this is an ecosystem.
Your All-Access Pass 
To Our Training System
As an e-HUB member, you get access to all of our proprietary online trainings. These are courses containing on-demand videos, downloadables, templates, and documented processes. 

The goal? Get you predictable, repeatable results with chatbots fast. 

All of our methods are battle-tested for our industry-leading clients like Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson, Mindvalley, DigitalMarketer, and Social Media Examiner.

Fact: We actually train our internal team and private clients that we charge $20,000+ per month using these courses. And, you get them all with your e-HUB membership.

The best part?

We update our training every week, at minimum.

That means you'll never have to worry about wasting your time consuming outdated info and worse--acting upon it.

The on-demand, online trainings you get instant and/or future access to, include:
  • The Chatbot Marketing Manual, a course that teaches our omnichannel system involving Facebook Messenger bots, text message, mobile wallet, and email
  • Chatbot Sales and Systems, a course designed to help you build and grow a chatbot agency
  • ​SMS Marketing
  • WhatsApp Chatbots
  • ​Instagram Direct Chatbots
  • ​Amazon Alexa Skills
  • ​Google Assistant Skills

Recent #Results From Our Members

Together, we're helping businesses grow exponentially.

josh tay closed 19k in chatbot projects
evripides closed 12k in chatbot projects

Are you ready to learn and apply the winning #chatbot strategies we’ve created to generate millions of dollars?

Become an e-HUB Beta Member


  • ​Access to the e-HUB Platform
  • ​Access to the Training Center, containing the video training, resources, chatbot templates, and documented processes you need to get predictable, repeatable results with chatbots fast. These are our winning frameworks and strategies that we've created to get the best results in the industry. We update these training materials every week at minimum. If something changes for our clients/internal team, you get that updated info.
  • ​Monthly Email Containing the Month's Live Calls, Training Center Updates, and More
  •  Access to BotWork, our internal Hiring Platform, where you can hire certified chatbot marketers or get hired
  • ​Certification Program for Agencies and Individuals
  •  Opportunity to Apply to our Agency Partner Network, where we send you qualified chatbot project leads
  • Private & Active Facebook Community for 24/7 Support and Guidance
  • ​Exclusive Live Q&As with School of Bots co-founders Natasha Takahashi and Kyle Willis
  • Access to Chatbot Coworking Space Roundtables, where you can connect with other chatbot marketers

Join our Annual Membership and Get These Bonuses:

   Annual Membership Bonus #1: A Ticket to our Next 2-Day Virtual Mastermind in Q4 (usually reserved for our Inner Circle Members only)

   Annual Membership Bonus #2: 60-Minute One-on-One Coaching Call with School of Bots Co-Founder, Natasha Takahashi (valued at $1,000)

   Annual Membership Bonus #3: Bring your entire team onto the e-HUB platform and Community. (Just email after purchasing to receive info.)

   Annual Membership Bonus #4: Save $600 over the Monthly Membership

Regular Price:

                         $5,000/year       OR        $479/month                        

Or $479/month

e-HUB Plan Beta Price
$3,000 every year
$300 every month

   Early Mover Advantage: The price you pay today will be locked in forever, for the Annual or Monthly Membership. After our Beta phase, Membership Fees will increase.

e-HUB Plan Beta Price
Dynamically Updated $XX.00

If you'd like to chat with our team to see if the e-HUB is the best next step for you, click below to book a call.

Save $600 and Access Our Next 2-Day Virtual Mastermind for Inner Circle Members in Q4 2020
 Certification Program and Partner Agency Network (where we send YOU bot client leads) 
$1000 value
Payment Plan:
3 Payments of $499
One Time Payment:
$1,198 One-Time
BONUS 1: Access To Our Certification Program and Bot Agency Partner Network
You'll receive our certification badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, social media, website, and anywhere else you'd like.
BONUS 2: Accountability Partner
We'll be pairing you with another ambitious, bright member of the program. You two will keep each other accountable to your goals.
BONUS 2: Monthly Office Hours & coworking space
You'll get access to our virtual coworking space, where we'll host exclusive masterminds and office hours to work through any challenges you're facing in your agency or bots.
BONUS 3: Lifetime Access to Facebook Community and Program Updates
This is where you'll get access to other members of the program and the School of Bots team.


You've reached the end of the page! This section is here to answer your last questions before becoming an e-HUB member.

Please read through the FAQ carefully. If your question isn't answered here, just ping us at

Do I need to know how to code?
Nope! You'll be able to build and hone your expert chatbot marketing skills without any coding. We've discovered that chatbots are about 70% strategy, 30% building.

Almost every solution you're looking to build will be possible with no-code, out-of-the-box tools. However, depending on the tools that your business or clients use, there may be some opportunities to create a custom code solution.

If they're more general use cases, we most likely already have them for you inside of the e-HUB trainings.

If they're very specific and unique, we recommend you hire a developer contractor (they usually just need to know HTML and/or JavaScript), or work with your clients' or business' developer team.
Can I join with the monthly membership, and switch to the annual after a few months?
We’d like to keep things as simple as possible for your sake and ours. 

If you’re serious about getting results with chatbots for the next 12 months, please join at the Annual Membership level and get exclusive bonuses (and save $600).

If you can only afford the monthly membership at this time, no worries, we’d love to have you -- but you will not be able to switch to the annual plan once you become a member.
Can I pause my monthly membership?
With all the uncertainty happening in the world right now, we want to give you something you can be 100% certain about. You can pause your monthly membership at any time and resume when you’re ready.

Just send an email to and our friendly team will help you out.
How is the e-HUB program different from other chatbot courses?
There are a few factors to consider when you're looking for a program in this space.

1) The credibility behind the teachings: What revenue numbers or conversions have they produced? Where have these strategies been tested? For whom have these strategies been tested for?

2) What kind of support you're looking for: Do you want a community/mentor that is knowledgable in serving only 1 specific niche, like local businesses with small budgets? Or are you looking for an expansive community/mentor that is knowledgeable in driving millions of dollars for countless niches? And what happens after you join the program--do you get access to the instructors directly or will it be difficult for you to get questions answered?

You cannot teach that which you don't possess.

In other words, most others teaching chatbots online cannot teach what we possess and therefore can teach.

If you want to learn the winning frameworks and strategies that we have used to generate millions of dollars for 120+ clients, join our program.

If you'd like to chat with our team to see if the e-HUB is the best next step for you, click below to book a call.